TMNT 2003 Classics Figures Review

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Editor's Review

The 2003 TMNT show had a very angular and dark look, compared to the 1980’s cartoon, and that look is reflected here in these figures. In hand we have Leonardo and Donatello, but Raphael and Michaelangelo are also available.


Everything on the packaging is designed for maximum nostalgic value. Each turtle comes with a host of unique accessories, Leo with wall-scaling suction cups and Donnie with bo staff weapon extensions. The sculpts are very clean and well detailed, and there’s even a bit of paint shading in the armor, belt straps and shell. The turtles have sculpts that directly harken back to the original 2003 toys.


They have articulation in the shoulders, elbows, and hips, with rotation in the head and wrists. It’s not a ton of poseability, but they can easily stand and do a few fighting poses with weapons in-hand. And when not in use, the weapons can be stored on the Turtle’s backs.

2003 classic donatello

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While the action figure tech is lifted from 2003, these toys are as cool now as they ever were! Older collectors will love the nostalgic packaging, and younger fans will no doubt be charmed by the darker, edgier look compared to more whimsical modern iterations of the Turtles.


  • They feel just like the original releases in both look, feel and even packaging.
  • They each come with unique accessories.
  • The light paint shading really helps the figures pop. 


  • The toys are based off an older mold, and it shows in the poseability.

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