Minecraft Legends The Devourer Figure Review

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Editor's Review

All you need to do before you’re ready to play is plug the gigantic spores onto the Devourer’s back, which is easy as can be. The Devourer is about a foot tall, so he has a lot of shelf presence compared to the much smaller Ranger. Despite their wildly different sizes, both figures have very nice paint apps. While the Ranger is very basic in the sculpt department, the Devourer is covered in subtle surface detailing, which doesn’t compromise the overall blocky look.

Ranger has basic articulation in the head shoulders and legs, but the cloak encumbers the leg movement slightly. The Devourer only has arm movement, but you can pose him hunching forward very easily, which helps with the attack feature. Lift up the top panel to load in the included slime, then squeeze the largest spore to initiate the spitting attack! Gross! The slime has a wet texture and translucent yellow-green color, making it even more viscerally disgusting, don’t get caught standing underneath this lumbering pigman! Unfortunately, the Ranger can’t fight back, since she doesn’t come with any weapons or accessories. Be sure to keep the slime bag handy so you can store it once playtime is over and maintain its freshness.

Minecraft Devourer

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The Devourer and Ranger figure set looks great on a shelf, so we recommend it to any Minecraft figure collectors. Since Ranger doesn’t include weapons, this is an even better set for folks with an existing collection already and thus, extra accessories lying around!


  • Sculpt and paint combine to nail that iconic minecraft aesthetic.
  • The vomit attack works very well, and set up is easy.
  • The Devourer also has a nice presence, at one foot tall, he’ll look great in your collection.


  • The limited articulation of the Devourer.
  • A lack of any accessories or extras.

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