Marvel Legends Wolverine Two-Packs (2024) Review

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Editor's Review

These three sets of figures cover different iconic storylines in Wolverine’s adventures. We have Patch and Joe Fixit, Wolverine and Psylocke (armed with the Ten Rings), and Brood infected Wolverine and Shi’ar Queen Lilandra. The two packs look remarkably on-model to the illustrated source material, more than any Marvel Legends in recent memory. The face sculpts in particular look spot on to the characters, three of which, to be fair, are Wolverine, but the paint and sculpts truly do combine to create an excellent result. We really enjoy Psylocke’s shadowy crazed face in particular. The paint detailing doesn’t stop there! Selective application of washes and dry brushing make armor details pop, or convey facial or arm hair respectively. Or, horrifying teeth!

The articulation is best on Brood and black jumpsuit Logan, since they include butterfly joints. The only limited areas of articulation are on Psylocke and Lilandra, due to their flowy, asymmetrical cape design. Honestly, it’s worth it for how cool and dynamic the designs are. Every figure includes alternate hands, with Psylocke and Joe having an exchangeable head and Lilandra having a staff. Overall, this is toward the nicer end of the spectrum as far as Marvel Legends go, especially due to the paint, which makes all the difference!

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As far as Marvel Legends go, these are on the higher end of the quality spectrum. The super precise sculpts and paint apps do an exceptionally high level of justice to the illustrated source material, rather than relying on an original, independent aesthetic. We recommend them highly!


  • Articulation is great across the board with few exceptions.
  • The accessories are sparing but worthwhile.
  • The paint and sculpt really do a great job creating a faithful look to the original, very specific source material.


  • Isolated instances of slightly restricted possibility.
  • While the accessories are great, there aren’t all that many.

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