Pokemon Select 6″ Flygon Action Figure Review

Editor's Rating


Editor's Review

Pokemon number 330 comes in a nice package with plenty of clear windows, in case you’re an in-box collector. Out of box, it only gets better! The sculpt and paintwork on this guy are darn near flawless. Aside from the embossed manufacturing and licensing details, Flygon looks smooth, streamlined and super on model proportion-wise. From what we can tell, every instance of the darker green is painted with the exception of the head, but we had to look closely to even begin noticing. The soft fluorescent red details are also suuuuper clean. And our favorite part has to be the eyes. The red clear lenses over a pair of pretty painted eyes? Positively perfect!

For additional alliteration, let’s all admire the awesome articulation! Flygon can pose at the head, neck, wings, arms, elbows, hips, and feet. The tail is worth mention on its own, having multiple joints and being able to bend any which way. Do be careful with the arm joints, as they are a bit delicate. As the cherry on top, Flygon includes a clear stand to pose them in their element: midair! With the stand, you can get even more dynamic poses going.

Flygon Pokemon Selects

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Should I get it?

If Flygon is any indication, the Pokemon Selects line of figures is close to collector quality toys on an affordable budget. High articulation, precise paint apps, and a stand for posing? We give an enthusiastic yes!


  • The proportions are flawless.
  • The paint is perfect.
  • The clear eye lenses look really nice in person.
  • The articulation is robust.
  • It comes with a display stand!


  • The small arm joints can be a bit delicate.

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