Marvel Legends Peter Parker and Smythe and Epic Hero Series Web Splashers Doc Ock Review

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Editor's Review

The Epic Hero Series Doc Ock figure is about 4 inches tall and has relatively limited articulation compared to Marvel Legends. Things we can compliment, however, are the sculpt and paint, both of which are precisely done. The difference between paint and molded plastic color is barely noticeable. The backpack attachment pieces assemble very intuitively and are also well sculpted. The back is made of flexible rubbery plastic allowing you to fill up with water and fire it back out. Squeezing the backpack fires a stream of water a few feet, further than you might expect. After 3 or 4 shots, you’ll need to reload. During play, sometimes the mechanical arms are prone to popping out.


The Peter and Smythe Marvel Legends are modeled after their appearance in the cartoon from the 90’s, which is readily apparent from the awesome box art. Consequently, the figures have a more simplified almost smooth aesthetic, which I think looks great. The head sculpts in particular are really sharply sculpted and look just like a 3d version of the cartoon. Peter’s design lends itself well to having extra paint detailing, which is all very well done on his watch, belt, shoes, and camera accessory, which holds well in his gripping hands. Smythe’s design is a bit plain, which is no fault of the toy, and it does make efforts to fill in paint details to make the simple design pop more, like of the shoulder spikes. Both have identical articulation in the head, shoulders, elbows, abs, waist, hips, knees and ankles. Smythe might have benefitted from butterfly joints, but it’s not the end of the world. In exchange, the chest sculpt remains whole. Both Peter and Smythe include two alternate hands, but no exchangeable heads unfortunately.

Marvel Legends Spider Man Smythe

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Either of these Spider-Man figure grades we reccomend for fans age 4 and up, but we suspect fans of more advanced age will gravitate toward the Peter Parker and Smythe Marvel Legends. After all, they’re excellent visual renditions of the on-screen 90’s cartoon characters. For kids after a bit more active play, the Web Splashers Doc Ock includes optional armor, posable mechanical arms, and a real, refillable water blaster!


  • The Epic Hero Series Doc Ock has plenty of features for a toy of its scale.
  • The Marvel Legends have robust articulation.
  • The aesthetic of the 90’s cartoon is absolutely nailed in these figures. 


  • Limited articulation of Doc Ock.
  • The mechanical arms occasionally pop out of the backpack.
  • Low accessory count on the Marvel Legends figures.

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