Epic Hero Series Avengers Figures Review

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Editor's Review

We’ve taken a look at some Epic Hero Series figures before, but as a refresher, they’re 4 inch tall action figures with a wider variety of play gimmicks compared to their 6 inch cousins,  Marvel Legends. In our spread, we have Black Panther (with and without his Claw Strike ATV), the Captain(s) America Steve and Sam, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Thanos. In terms of articulation, it’s the standard fare for the Epic Hero Series, with poseablity in the head, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Knee and arm bend maxes out at 90 degrees, but we’ll take it! For the most part, every character includes a single relevant accessory, like Mjolnir for Thor, the Infinity Gauntlet for Thanos, and so on, that they can grip in or over their hands.

But if you’re REAL fancy, you can be like Black Panther or Steve Rogers Cap, upping your accessory game big time. King T’challa brings his super radical Claw Strike ATV, which curiously has a different color scheme than shown on the box, but we like the actual color scheme better anyway so, no harm no foul? The ATV glides around smoothly on its rolling rubber wheels, and it includes a purple missile that you can fire!

Steve Rogers must have gone by Iron Man’s house to pick this up! Clamp on the armor, slide on the bionic glove, and attach the shield launcher to complete the look. The shield can actually be stored on the bionic arm, the back of the armor, in the launcher, or on regular Cap’s forearm, which is a lot more versatility than we were expecting!

On the whole, the paint and molded detail on this collection of figures is precise for its scale, and where applicable, includes pearlescent metallic parts like on Thor and Thanos. That being said, some opportunities for paint elements are not capitalized upon, and we would have loved even more accessories for each character like Steve Cap and Black Panther! Imagine Sam with his wings, for example.

Epic Hero Series Black Panther Avengers

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Should I get it?

We highly recommend the figures with a greater accessory count, like Steve Rogers Captain America and Black Panther. But no matter what figure you do get, they’ll have nice looks and a decent level of articulation for their scale.


  • The paint and sculpt are broadly well done, especially for smaller scale figures.
  • Each figure comes with at least one accessory,
  • Poseability is nice, again for its scale.
  • The accessories in the more robust figure sets are a lot of fun. 


  • A few areas deserved paint apps that didn’t get them, in our opinion.
  • The color of the ATV is pretty different compared to the image on the box.

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