Ghostbusters Frozen Empire 5 Inch Figures Review

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Editor's Review

Wave 1 comes with 4 characters: Phoebe Spengler, Trevor Spengler, Callie Spengler, and Gary Grooberson, winner of the “most enviable name award”. Each figure includes a proton pack with a poseable netrona wand, and a unique ecto stretch tech ghost character. Phoebe comes with Bonesy, Trevor comes with Slimer, Callie has the Possessor Ghost, and Gary includes Pukey. Ew. Least enviable name if you ask me. The figures have a simplified look about them, a sort of animated appearance in terms of detailing and proportion. The details that are rendered stand out well against this 5-inch scale, making the ghostbuster jumpsuit instantly recognizable. A few paint apps are spread throughout on the belts, proton pack straps and shoulder insignia. The faces have the best paint in our opinion, all in all, very well done! The figures include a very basic range of movement in the head shoulders and hips only. However, this is enough to pose and play with the Hasbro Ecto-1 Playset, sold separately. The stretchy ghosts are a nice addition and help flesh out the figure purchase, offering a fidgety experience along with the action figure. They’re a fair bit more opaque than they are on the package, but we still like them a lot, given how nicely molded they are.

The only other odd thing we noticed is, hey, hold on, Gary’s head is a bit small, right? It’s not just us? It could be chalked up to less hair than the other 3 characters but, not entirely.

ghostbuster 5 inch figures

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Should I get it?

Yes! These figures are excellent for younger kids who engage in imaginative play with their toys, especially because each toy includes a Ghostbuster and a ghost! Older collectors may have a more discerning eye, however, they are compatible with the Track & Trap Ecto-1 (sold separately), so bear that in mind!


  • The sculpted detail creates an appealing animated aesthetic.
  • The paintwork is very precise, with just enough to complete the look.
  • Each comes with a proton pack and a stretchy ghost. 


  • Very limited articulation.
  • The relative opaqueness of the ghosts compared the box.
  • Gary’s diminutive cranium.

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