Young Jedi Adventures Tenoo Jedi Temple Playset Review

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Editor's Review

The Tenoo Jedi temple, after a bit of simple assembly, is taller than you might expect! At 20 inches tall, it houses plenty of room to pose your Young Jedi Adventures figures. The set itself comes with Kai Brightstar, the Training Droid, (both of whom have very basic articulation), and a yoda hologram.


There are play features all over this set! Once you install 3 AAA batteries, you can have Kai swing on the vine outside the temple, with several expressive voice lines to enjoy. The insignia also lights up! The interior of the temple includes two floors, spanning a classroom with seats that Kai can sit in, and a lower deck with sleeping quarters and a reversible bookshelf. Take a slide down the vines into the training area, where you can set up a neat” force push” gimmick with stackable rocks, or pose and spin on floating boulders above the archway. As a little bonus, the stone arms can move a little bit too. The color separation is very nice, and while there isn’t much paint if any, we consider that a plus. It’s going to get played with a lot, and it looks good anyway! No paint wear to worry about.

Tenoo Jedi Temple

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Should I get it?

The Tenoo Jedi Temple Playset pairs perfectly with Young Jedi Adventures 4 inch scare figures. Whether you have some in your collection already, or you are new to the toy line, either way this is a great set to pick up. After all, it comes with a Kai figure!


It has robust play features, it includes lights and sounds.

The set comes with a figure of Kai and the training droid so you can play immediately.

The molded detail looks nice even with no paint thanks to great color separation on the parts. 


  • Batteries aren’t included. 

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