Transformers Earthspark Cyber-Sleeve and Cyber Combiners Figures Review

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Editor's Review

Starting off let’s take a look at the Cyber Sleeve. This wrist mounted blaster fires a single dart at a time. The design is a decent likeness to the one that Robby and Mo wear in the Earthspark show. The Cyber Sleeve comes with two adjustable belts to loop through, so unless you have gigantor arms, you’ll be able to wear it comfortably. The pearlescent finish on the blue plastic gives the Cyber Sleeve and very cool futuristic tech feel. Adding to this is the retractable translucent clear green blade. The Cyber Sleeve comes with 3 darts, and much to our delight, there is storage for all three. To fire, pull back the hammer and press on the clear button. The dart doesn’t fire all that far, but dang does it look cool anyway.


The Cyber combiners sets include Bumblebee and Mo Malto with sword and Terran Twitch and Robby Malto with blaster. One character represents one of the main character siblings in a full cyber suit, and a bona fide transformer. Each figure has very clean paint apps and nice sculpts, plus a decent amount of articulation, although it’s not all that robust. However, this is to accommodate a very cool feature. Not only does the transformer parter have an alt mode, but each character can transformed into either the top or bottom half of a combined form. Their limbs in these forms are engineered to act as either arms or legs, with pegs to plug in their weapon accessories. This means you can still make some nice poses in combined form, although, by nature of the connection point, there is no waist swivel.

earthspark transfoemrs cyber combiners

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We think you should! The self directed pretend play and wealth of options for each toy will be hits for any kids aged 6 and older. If your child is more into role playing the action themself, go for the Cyber Sleeve. If they get lost in imaginative story-based play with their toys, go for the Cyber Combiner figures.


  • They’re great in the looks department.
  • The cyber combiners have a lot of play variety and include simple transformations.
  • The fit cyber sleeve can be adjusted and comes with a couple extra darts. 


  • The articulation is somewhat limited on the cyber combiners.
  • The dart doesn’t far all that far on the cyber sleeve.

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