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The Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack is a face-out, handsfree pet carrier which leaves your pet’s legs unencumbered. It is meant for small pets, so any cat or smaller dog can be accommodated. You wear it like a regular or reverse backpack, so weight is distributed over the shoulders. There are easy release buckles on the lower end of each strap, and the straps can be adjusted for optimal fit and comfort. Using these buckles, you can even wear the straps in a crossed orientation. Feed your pet’s limbs through the holes, zip up the sides, and close the small velcro strap to secure your pet in the carrier.

TTPM Cat Lola and Dog Piper gave the Pet Carrier a ride. Despite initially not being a big fan, Lola eventually came around to it! There was a slight amount of wiggle room with Lola, so we played it safe and kept her test inside the house. Piper took to it immediately, and didn’t mind the free ride, and higher vantage point. Make sure you have a surface midway to the ground where you can place your pet while removing them from the carrier; the back legs are tricky without it. We found it easier to put the carrier on and then load Piper in, rather than the reverse, to avoid putting undue stress on shoulders.

Pet Carrier Backpack

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Using this carrier, you can take your pets for a small journey without encumbering your arms or hands!

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