Neakasa S1 Pro Pet Groomer System Review

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Editor's Review

The S1 Pro has a very unique, modern, and lightweight design, and comes with the standing donut-shaped hair vacuum, plus a stand with a bunch of different interchangeable heads for the vacuum tube. The stand used for all the attachments is super convenient and includes a handle if you need to transport them on the fly. Attachments include a brush, a large and small detail trimmer, a nail filer, plus a few standard attachments for getting hair off of fabrics, clothes or furniture, which work very well. The versatility even extends to the multiple trimmer heads, which sadly do not have a place to live, so grab yourself a sandwich bag. Once done, the vacuum is simple as can be to clean out. Okay, so we’re impressed, but what did the dogs think?


We tried out the S1 Pro on little Piper, and she was a champ! As any dog owner will tell you, they don’t typically get along with vacuums, but the S1 Pro is so quiet and gentle, that Piper truly did not mind at all, and was even curious about it. We used every attachment with great results, and Piper staying relaxed and content the entire time. The only exception is the nail trimmer, which, try as we might, we could not coax Piper into trying. Piper has her firm boundaries, she hates getting her nails done, even at the vet. But from what we could tell, it works just as well as the other attachments. It’s our dog’s problem, not the S1 Pro’s.

Neakasa s1 pro pet groomer

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Should I get it?

Given the versatility of the multiple heads, the quietness of the vacuum, and the ease of use, we highly recommend giving the S1 Pro a try!

Get the Neakasa S1 Pro on Amazon or on Neakasa’s Official Website!


  • The entire setup is lightweight.
  • The vacuum is easy to clean out and is super quiet.
  • It has a myriad of versatile head attachments which work great.
  • It’s designed super well in both form and function. 


  • A lack of storage space for the six trimmer heads.

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