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Editor's Review

The Viitz Snuffle Mat is shaped like a large oval and constructed out of a sturdy nylon material. There is a raised edge on the perimeter, and inside there are loops of the nylon material threaded into the base. Because of these tightly woven loops, it makes an ideal place in which to hide dog treats, and therein lies the idea! It helps slow down your dog’s eating and keeps them entertained at the same time. In an effort to keep itself stationary while being pushed by pooch noses, there are suction cups attached to either side. 


TTPM Dogs Lexi, Hope, and Piper tried out the Snuffle Mat. It was a big hit with all three dogs, but Lexi in particular couldn’t get enough of it. The Snuffle Mat held the dogs’ attention for a good long while as they tried to sleuth out the treats, so we can vouch its the efficacy at slowing your dog’s eating. The suction cups worked wonders on the tile floor, but not so much on the hardwood, which is what most of our floors are. Even so, it didn’t budge all that much on both hardwood and carpet without the suction cups! If you have an aggressive chewer like Hope, make sure to monitor their play, as they might start chewing the nylon after the treats are gone.

Viitz Snuffle Mat

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We highly recommend this product! It’s effective, well made, and most importantly, fun for food-motivated doggos!


  • The nylon material is decently sturdy.
  • It’s well made (it’s even leak-proof!)
  • it’s stable on its own, but has suction cups for added stability.
  • It does a good job of slowing your dog’s eating and keeping them occupied and enriched. It’s a very nice alternative to regular mealtime. 


  • It might require supervision with destructive chewers.

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