Scratch N’ Spin Cat Toy Review

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Editor's Review

The Scratch N’ Spin is, just as the name suggests, a scratching post on a square base, with a spinning apparatus on top. The top has pegs upon which the two included feather wands can be plugged. Cats can come over, scratch the post, and bat at the feathers, which spins the wands, letting your cat control the pace at which they play, and offering a dynamic solo activity. 


TTPM cats Harley and Lola tried out the Scratch N’ Spin. Both of our cats are catnip fiends, so we tried rubbing some on the post and the wands. Boy did it do the trick! After that, our kitties were having a great time. If you do feel like joining in the fun, you can always detach the wand and use it yourself. A couple small notes are the fact that the orange feathers shed fairly easily, and depending on how playful and heavy your cat is, you may want to reinforce the base with some added weight.

SmartyKat Scratch Spin 780 x 780 (1)

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Should I get it?

As a method of entertaining your cat in absentia, this products does a good job, so we recommend it! Be prepared for some shedding feathers.


  • It offers a multifaceted play area.
  • The spinning top allows your cat to play with wands on their own.
  • The scratching post will keep your cats away from the furniture.


  • The orange feathers shed easily.
  • The base usually gets the job done, but it can tip over with the most rowdy of cats.

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