Crunchcore Bone Plastic Water Bottle Review

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Editor's Review

The Crunchcore Bone is a molded, flexible, rubber-like chew toy, but there are some very unique aspects to it. For one, the outer layer is transparent. Also, the core’s material is hollow, and constructed to not only produce a crinkly noise when compressed, but not buckle under the pressure. The triple layered construction helps the toy maintain its shape. The Crunchcore comes in different sizes to accommodate any dog. The clear outer layer is covered with ridges and bumps to make chewing more fun.


Speaking of, nearly every TTPM pup had their go at the Crunchcore bone. For the first few hours, the Crunchcore was quite popular, and we even had Lexi and Hope playing tug of war over it. The crinkly noise was hypnotizing! However, after a while, the dogs lost interest. The toy is specifically not advertised for the strongest chewers, so we were curious to find out how long it would last. Unfortunately, the interest wasn’t there.

Crunchcore Water Bottle Bone

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Should I get it?

If you have a dog who is a gentle to moderate chewer and can’t get enough noisemaking toys, consider giving the Crunchcore a try. Makes sure to get the correct size for your pup!


  • The construction of the bone is well engineered to maintain it’s shape even with chewy punishment,
  • The crinkly noise is consistent and easy to make happen.
  • It comes in multiple sizes.


  • It’s not intended for the most destructive chewers out there. Supervision is encouraged.
  • Anecdotally, our dogs also lost interest within an hour or two.

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