Foobler Dog Toy Review

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Editor's Review

The Foobler will require 3 of your own AAA batteries to function. It’s a small sphere with a screw-off top, and 6 compartments inside where you can put dry food or treats inside. Once you turn it on, a bell will chime and the Foobler will rock itself about, dispensing treats in a semi random fashion. While clogs are theoretically possible, we never experienced one, and the dispersal rate was just right, not too frequent but not too sparsely. You can set it to self activate and self refill in different time intervals so it can entertain while you’re away.


TTPM Dog Dex tried out the Foobler. Because Dex plays rough, we were very pleased with the toys’ hardiness. However Dex is also an instant gratification type of player, so while the Foobler is a novel concept and well executed, it requires patience on the part of the dog to wait for the treats, but also patience on the part of the human, to train your dog to associate the bell with play and mealtime. Despite our efforts, Dex never quite got that Pavlovian connection down, but as mentioned he’s especially impatient. The times where he was engaged however, he did seem to enjoy himself.

Foobler 780 x 780 (1)

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Should I get it?

If you have a clever dog that is food motivated, try giving the Foobler a shot! A dog that trains easily will have a great time with this toy.


  • It dispenses treats on its own.
  • It can entertain your dog without your involvement.
  • It can activate and refill on its own. 


  • It might take a while for your dog to be trained on how to best enjoy the Foobler.
  • Batteries are not included.

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