Cozy Grip Retractable Leash Review

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Editor's Review

The Cozy Grip Leash is a retractable style leash that wastes absolutely no space. Its petit and sleek design incorporates a comfortable soft gel handle and easy sliding trigger to pull the leash back in. The leash itself has a reflective thread running through the middle, for greater nighttime visibility from car headlights or other sources of light really you’d want to be noticed by. The leash comes in small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate any type of dog. 


TTPM dog Dex tried out the Cozy Grip. Thanks to the easy extension and retraction mechanism, Dex could go as far or stay as close as we wanted him to, without it feeling abrupt or constraining. For our part, we enjoyed the comfy handle and very easy sliding trigger. The leash itself, while threaded with reflective fibers, wasn’t all too noticeable on the dark when we tried some light sources. It did reflect at times, but it was faint.

l'chic cozy grip

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Should I get it?

This leash is both comfy and functional, so we recommend it highly. Be sure to pick up the correct size for your needs!


  •  It’s small and light.
  • It has a comfortable ergonomic shape, and an easy sliding trigger.
  • It comes in multiple sizes. 


  • The thin thread, while reflective, isn’t all too noticeable in the dark, and greatly depends on the strength of the light source.

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