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Editor's Review

The Air Cat is a plastic cat toy shaped like a squat vase. There is an opening at the top with a detachable ring which is equipped with ribbons. The Air Cat has 4 sensors which generate a gust whenever it detects motion. When the fan is triggered, the ribbons dance and sway in the air gust. You’ll need 4 C batteries of your own to get started as they are not included. The upright ribbons will entice your cat to play and interact…in theory. But how is it in practice?


Sansa and Pickles tried out the Air Cat, and the results were somewhat mild. Since the Air Cat operates only 10 seconds at a time and only upon detection of motion, the toy quite frankly spooked the cats. Pickles refused to get closer than 5 feet away, and Sansa, while she could be bribed to get close with treats, never quite got used to the Air Cat and its seemingly random movement. To be fair though, it did captivate them to a certain degree as they watched the harmless ribbons in abject terror

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Should I get it?

This toy really depends on the type of cat you have. If they’re adventurous, bold and curious, definitely consider picking up this innovative toy. Otherwise, results may be hit or miss. Bear that in mind when deciding.


  • It’s lightweight.
  • The ribbon ring can be detached for easy cleaning.
  • It’s a toy that you can set and forget, if your cats take to it. 


  • Our cats were not big fans of the Air Cat. They didn’t understand the motion activated aspect of the toy, so the sudden movement freaked them out. The first impression sealed its fate.
  • 4 C batteries seem like a big ask for the product.
  • Said batteries aren’t included.

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