Jolly Tuff Toppler Review

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Editor's Review

The Jolly Tuff Toppler is made of the flexible yet durable material that Jolly Pets is known for. This pear-shaped red chew toy has a textured surface, as well as ridges to help clean dog teeth as they chew. It also has a weighted bottom to ensure an erratic rolling and bouncing pattern. The inside is hollowed out, so you can put solid or soft treats in the middle.


TTPM Dog Lexi tried out the Jolly Toppler. She loved it! We put some kibble and peanut butter inside, two of her favorite things, and she would be determined to get it all out. The unconventional shape and weighted bottom made the Toppler roll in an erratic way, increasing the challenge, and thus, increasing engagement time. The material is the perfect toughness for Lexi to chew, but the most aggressive chewers out there may wear through it faster.

Jolly Tuff Toppler

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Should I get it?

Yes! this is an excellent toy, especially if you frequently need to run errands and need to entertain your dog from afar.


  • It’s durable yet flexible.
  • It’s designed for a long and challenging playtime.
  • You can insert dry or wet foods in the middle.
  • The outer texture helps clean your dog’s teeth.


  • It may wear out a little bit quicker for the most aggressive chewers out there.

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