Squeaky Boomerang and Squeaky Football Review

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Editor's Review

The Hound 2O Boomerang is a three-pronged design with rounded ends, and the football is pretty self explanatory. They are made of a non-toxic, durable, and flexible material that is also designed to float on water. They both come in vibrant colors to help you easily spot them, which is good, because you’ll be throwing them frequently! Their surfaces are covered with a unique diamond-shaped texture which make them easier for dogs to grip in their mouth. Best of all, they have a loud squeaker inside that’ll delight most dogs. Oh, and we almost forgot, they’re easy as heck to clean due to being dishwasher safe!


TTPM dogs Lexi and Ollie tried out the Squeaky football and Boomerang. They were a little bit big for Ollie, and certainly too big for Piper, but Lexi was a huuuuge fan of both. She and Ollie couldn’t get enough of that loud squeaker as we played fetch all afternoon. While the surface texture does make it easier for dogs to get a grip, not so much for humans, at least when you introduce dog slobber to the mix. The resultant slick surface makes it difficult to perform your end of the fetch partnership.

Hound2O Boomerang

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Hound2O makes some very solid fetch toys. We recommend them for the mix of convenience for you, and fun factor for your pups.


  • The material is non-toxic, sturdy and floats on water.
  • The internal squeakers are loud and appealing to dogs.
  • The colors help prevent them from getting lost.
  • They’re dishwasher safe.


  • They can be tough to hold and grip with dog saliva on them

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