Soccer Ball Frisbee Review

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Editor's Review

“Soccer Ball Frisbee”, a name that is pretty on the nose, yet not at all self explanatory. How can it be both?? Well, it’s made from several flexible yet sturdy interlocked strips, and crafted to be hollow in the middle. Thanks to this clever design, it can be collapsed into the shape of a disc. It also has strong rope grips on the sides, and handles on the top and bottom, allowing you or your dog get a good grip on the toy. The idea is to flatten the Soccer Ball Frisbee, toss it into the air for better distance, and by the time your dog catches up to it, it transforms itself back into a ball. So, how did it fare in our trial runs? 


TTPM dogs Xena and Haley tried out the Soccer Ball Frisbee. Humorously, neither dog is huge on fetch, but the toy was so enjoyable that Xena played along for a good while. We noticed that while the ball collapsed into frisbee form without issue, it sprung back into ball form a little quickly, somewhat defeating the purpose of frisbee mode. It’s really okay though, thanks to the rope grips we could still throw it a very good distance. Even after a long bout of heavy chewing from both dogs, the Soccer Ball Frisbee was no worse for wear.

Soccer Ball Frisbee

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Should I get it?

Durability, versatility and a great design? We highly recommend this toy, regardless of how long or short the frisbee mode lasts.


  • It’s sturdy for chew-happy dogs.
  • The ropes offer an easy grip.
  • It can be thrown a great distance in either frisbee or ball form.


  • On our copy, the frisbee form doesn’t last very long.

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