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Editor's Review

The Tripe Bone is made of a durable nylon with flavoring provided from real tripe, which of course dogs are known to love. It’s more of an acquired taste for humans, true, but no need to worry! The Tripe Bone is not odiferous at all! You’ll hardly notice any scent. The very unique shape allows your thumbless fuzzy friends to get a nice grip on the toy while they chew, and the hollow ends offer an excellent space to hide an extra peanut butter or cheese treat.


TTPM Dogs Lexi, Ollie, Xena, and Dex tried out the Benebone Tripe Bone. Unsurprisingly, it was a big hit with all 4 dogs! Dex and Lexi were the toughest chewers, and within 10 minutes or so, you could definitely see the chew marks. Xena and Ollie were more relaxed but committed chewers, with the Tripe Bone occupying their attention for very long periods of time. One consistent note we had throughout every test household was that it’s very loud if your dog is playing with it on a hardwood floor. Maybe situate them on a rug, carpet, or mat!

Benebone triple bone

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It’s durable, flavored to make your dog love it, shaped to help your dogs get a great grip, and it can hide optional treats. It’s a great toy to pick up for any dog, especially if you have a carpet for them to play on.


  • It has an ergonomic shape for dogs to get a good grip for chewing.
  • It has pockets to insert extra treats.
  • It’s durable.
  • It is tripe flavored, without the overpowering scent. Win-win!


  • It can clack very loudly on hardwood floors.

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