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Editor's Review

These Playology chew toys may differ slightly, but they share one common trait: they are scented with Playology’s special ‘encapsiscent’ technique, whereby the scent is woven into the material itself. The scent is activated through chewing, and you can clean the toy without diluting the scent. The Dual Layer toys differ in shape, one being a bone and the other a ring, but both have a durable yet soft outer layer and a super durable hard inner layer, to simulate the texture of an actual bone. The Dental Chew Stick has abrasive, brush-like grooves that clean your dogs teeth in a gentle way as they chew.


A whole bunch of TTPM dogs tried out this Playology selection, including Lexi, Piper, Ollie and more. All three were a big hit with the dogs due to the nuanced texture and scent. Chewing and playing was incentivized due to how the scent works. We appreciated the durability of the toys. After a few hours of play, you could definitely see some evidence of chewing, but nothing major.

Playology Dual Layer Bone

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Should I get it?

Our dogs adored these toys, and we have a feeling your dog will too. Between the simulated bone texture with the dual layers, the embedded, chew-activated scent, and the ease with which they can be cleaned, what’s not to love?


  • The Dual Layer Ring and Bone have two different densities and textures to simulate a real bone.
  • The Dental Chew Stick cleans your dog’s teeth with the bristles, but remains gentle on their teeth.
  • The scent is infused within the material itself, incentivizing play and making cleaning easier and worry free!


  • None!

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