May 2023 Series 5 BarkBox Review

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Editor's Review

The Barkbox theme for May 2023 is fairy tales, so the toys are appropriately whimsical. The Fairy Dogmother toy is made of a very durable nylon material, and is shaped like a pair of fairy wings. There are molded ridges adorning its surfaces, and there is a unique curve to the toy that makes it rock to and fro easily when tossed on the ground. The ridges make for an excellent soft treat spreading surface! Torbert the Troll is one of Barbox’s “rip and reveal” toys, containing a firm rubber squeaker toy wrapped in a fabric outer layer that is designed to be destroyed. In this case, there’s a unique purple fuzz all over the fabric layer. So, how did these toys fare with our dog?


TTPM dog Dex gave these toys a go. A super chewer though he may be at heart, these toys were built to withstand Dex’s demolishing dental destruction. The Fairy Dogmother’s unique shape was a novelty for Dex, offering him several ways to grip and chew. The textures also engaged him a great deal. Torbert the Troll was more of a mixed experience. At first we weren’t big fans, as Dex persisted in ripping the purple fuzz off, rather than the fabric itself. Because of this, he required even closer supervision than usual. However, once the outer layer was gone, the inner squeaker did the trick, and also offered a unique bounce for fetch thanks to its shape.

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Should I get it?

Barkbox continues to deliver with the May super Chewer box. We recommend it. Just be mindful of the purple fuzz on Torbert the Troll.


  • The Fairy Dogmother offers high durability.
  • It also has a unique and enriching shape for play, and great surfaces to spread soft treats.
  • Torbert the Troll has a unique bounce and includes a squeaker within its durable inner portion.


  • The experimental fuzzy outer layer of Torbert didn’t pay off, in our opinion. It offered a greater mess and potential for ingestion, so you may want to supervise a bit more closely than with past “rip and reveals”.

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