Hide ‘n Seek Treat Toys for Dogs Review

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Editor's Review

FouFIT’s new Hide ‘n Seek toys are the ideal challenge to keep your dog engaged for a long period of time. They come in a variety of shapes and difficulty levels, including the Hide ‘n Seek ball for beginners, the intermediate Hide ‘n Seek disc, and the advanced level Hide ‘n Seek cube.

All the toys feature built-in compartments where you can conceal your dog’s food or favorite treats. FouFIT also sells a line of Hide ‘n Seek treats specifically made to be used with the toys.

Then, your dog puts their nose to work sniffing out the treats inside. By keeping them focused on this task, the toys can help keep them calm and relieve anxiety, all while stimulating their brain.

Hide ‘n Seek Treat Toys for Dogs

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Yes! Our dogs enjoyed these toys with or without the treats inside. They also have squeakers and crinkly fabric which really appealed to our dogs.

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