Hide 'n Seek Snuffle Balls for Dogs Review (fouFIT)

Hide 'n Seek Snuffle Balls for Dogs
What It Is

This toy may seem simple, but it's super engaging. Snuffle Balls are covered in layers of fabric where you can conceal your pet's favorite dry treats or kibble. You can also use fouFIT's own brand of Hide 'n Seek treats, which are sold separately.

The deeper you hide the treats and the more treats you add, the longer your dog stays busy sniffing them out.

Even without treats inside, the toy works as a regular ball for rolling around or playing fetch.

We also like how it functions as a food dispenser to encourage healthier eating behaviors -- whether your dog is a super-fast eater who needs to slow down a bit, or a grazer who tends to ignore their food bowl.

Is It Fun?

They're an easy but effective way to entertain your pet and a great introduction to nose-work toys.

Who It’s For

These are great boredom busters for food-motivated dogs.

What To Be Aware Of

If your dog likes to play rough, we recommend supervising them and maybe only using the ball for snuffling. The soft fabric material can easily be ripped to shreds by more destructive dogs.

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