Wishbone Dog Chew Toy Review

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Editor's Review

The Benebone Wishbone is a fairly large and thick “Y” shaped Wishbone made out of a sturdy nylon material. The Wishbone is bacon scented, to entice dogs into chewing. We tested this product out with TTPM Dogs Dex, Kenzie, and Jake. Dex, being the ultimate chewer, took to the Wishbone almost immediately. If you’ve watched our reviews before, you know that Dex’s chompers can be very destructive, so finding durable toys for him is a challenge. Thankfully, the Wishbone held up to his dental onslaught, having only minor scratches after several hours of chewing. Even weeks after us unwrapping the Wishbone, Dex is still enjoying it!

As for Kenzie and Jake, they weren’t immediately interested for some reason, but once they tried it out, they quickly became possessive over the bone. I guess they’re using a Wishbone the same way humans do, competitively! If you had any doubts about the Wishbone’s durability before, let us assuage your fears. Even in a household with two notoriously demolishing doggos, the bone has held up very well for weeks now, with only minor damage.

Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

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Yes! All of the dogs who tested the Wishbone absolutely loved it. Big chewers will have tons of fun biting this bone for hours.

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