Wham-O Super Ball & Squishmallows Pet Bed Review

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Editor's Review

The Wham-O Super Ball Pets brings the fun bounce of the original Super Ball to the world of pets, with a nice twist. The pets version has molded ridges integrated into its design, to make the bouncing pattern more erratic. As far as we can tell, it’s made of the Zectron rubber that makes the Super Ball famous. The Squishmallows bed is super soft and shaped like a cartoony and adorable octopus. This sweet cephalopod has an indent on top to accommodate medium to small pets.


TTPM pets Lola and Piper tried out the Super Ball and Squishmallows bed respectively. The Super Ball is a good size and weight for humans to participate in fetch comfortably, and the bounce is made pretty unpredictable thanks to the ridges. After a few hours of gnawing, the ball still looked good, though this is mainly a toy to use with supervision, just in case. As it turns out, tiny humans also love the Squishmallows pet bed! Once we coerced the baby out, Piper took quickly to the bed, immediately getting comfortable. We can tell she really loved the surface texture and softness.

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Both of these are solid purchases, assuming they’re the right fit for your pup! The Super Ball is ideal for light and medium chewers who are energetic and love to play fetch. The Squishmallows pet bed is ideal for small or medium dogs or cats.


  • The Wham-O Pets Super Ball has been fitted out with ridges to create an erratic bounce.
  • The bounce is powerful, just like the classic Super Ball.
  • The Squishmallows pet bed has unreal levels of softness just like the main product line.
  • It’s very cute in the looks department.
  • Kids like it too!


  • Since the Super Ball isn’t engineered for the most powerful chewers out there, it follows that this is a toy that should ideally be supervised.
  • The pet bed does not accommodate large dogs.

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