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Editor's Review

While each of these toys sports its own shape and style for different types of play, they’ve all got one thing in common. They’re made from a special material developed by West Paw called Zogoflex. It’s a plastic blend that’s non-toxic, able to float in water, dishwasher-safe, and most importantly, it’s durable enough to withstand lots of chewing and rough play.

Let’s start off with three treat toys: the Rumbl, Toppl, and Qwizl. With the Rumbl, you load the treats through something called the “fish trap” opening at the top and they spill out through a different opening on the side. It’s recommended for moderate chewers and the material is soft and squishy enough to be gentle on your dog’s teeth, but also hard enough that it won’t immediately get torn to shreds. The Toppl is also designed for moderate chewers, and has interior “teeth” to add an extra challenge for your pup. These are little twists in the interior of the toy that keep treats in place until your dog nudges them out. Finally, the Qwizl was not as effective as a treat dispenser. That’s because some of the treats started to fall out of it before DJ got a chance to play, and some of the treats remained stuck inside of the toy even after he’d been playing with it for a while. But we think the unique shape and the way it rolls around on the floor will still make it fun to play with.

Moving onto some fetch toys, there’s the Zisc and the Zwig. The Zisc is West Paw’s take on your classic frisbee toy and it’s made for more gentle chewers. It’s nothing really fancy, but it’s good quality and it works well; and sometimes, simplicity is key with dog toys. And last but certainly not least is the Zwig. This is basically a stick, but better. For starters, it won’t give you or your dog splinters. It’s also built for your dog to use it pretty much however they want; that includes fetch, chewing, and tug.

West Paw Durable Dog Toys

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Yes! The unusual toy shapes kept our dogs interested and the Zogoflex material was great for chewers because it’s soft enough to be gentle on their teeth but strong enough to be durable.

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