Wall-Mounted Catnip Balls Review

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Editor's Review

These balls are made from concentrated herbs, plus pure, natural plant extracts, and come in three flavors: Catnip, Silvervine, and Gall Fruit. The balls are attached to a base with an adhesive end, and can rotate in place, allowing the inevitable chew marks to be spread around the ball evenly. Once you select a spot, remove the protective film over the adhesive end, and stick it to the wall. After that, let your cat do their thing. If you decide to move the base, you can do so easily without worrying about paint damage, just keep in mind frequent moving may weaken the adhesive faster. The catnip balls boast several benefits for your feline familiar. Engagement with this toy promotes healthier teeth and fresher breath, and the enticing aromas will rouse more sedentary cats into being up and playing. If the adhesive starts to wear off after a while, you get three extra adhesive backings for continued use. Also, there is a cover, to keep your toy sealed and fresh for longer. TTPM cat Harley tested out the Potaroma Catnip balls. Harley is our resident Catnip connoisseur, so he really enjoyed the Catnip scented ball. He didn’t seem to resonate as much with the other two flavors.

Wall-Mounted Catnip Balls

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Yes! The toy is not only fun for cats, but convenient for owners as well. It keeps your cat distracted and/or occupied, and you won’t lose track of the toy thanks to the adhesive surface.

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