Uah Pet Anion Pet Comb Review

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Editor's Review

The Anion Comb requires 2 AA batteries, which are included! The comb has two heads to disperse force, and is ergonomically curved. The ends of the bristles are bulbed to ensure gentle contact on your pet’s skin. Press the button on the back to emit negative ions, said to encourage serotonin production and alleviate stress. The worst part of brushing your pet has also been addressed! Push on the back of each comb head to activate a hair trap, which pushes the hair up and out of the bristles to make it easy to clean up.

TTPM Dogs Hope, Lexi, and Piper tried out the Anion Comb. Hope was pretty chill the entire time, and considering she has the longest fur, that’s a great endorsement! Ironically, Lexi was more skittish, even with far shorter hair. The brush didn’t for a whole lot for Lexi, but that’s to be expected. Piper was also calm as can be while being combed. Thanks to the hair removal gimmick, we could groom all three dogs one after the other with ease.

Uah Pet Anion Pet Comb

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Should I get it?

The utility of this one comb is well worth the price. The hair removal feature alone is super convenient.


  • It’s designed for ultimate pet comfort, from the rounded bristle ends, to the curved two-headed design.
  • The negative ion disperser works out of box thanks to the included batteries.
  • The hair trap works like a charm.


  • None, but be aware that short-haired pet owners will get less utility out of it.

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