Tug Toy and Jaxx Brights Tug with Ring Dog Toys Review

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Editor's Review

The Tug Toy is a molded red rubber tug of war toy, consisting of two handles and a flexible strip in the middle that can act as a pseudo joint. Kong as a brand is known for crafting very sturdy toys built for the heaviest of chewers, and the Tug Toy is no exception. Grab one handle and offer the other end to your dog, then play away! It’s that simple. The Jaxx Brights with Ring offers a more varied experience, with a sturdy polymer ring and handle on either end, connected by a very durable rope. The rope allows for dynamic tension and movement when playing.

TTPM Dog Dex tested these products out and he had a lot of fun with both! We were impressed with both toy’s resilience, since Dex is known to be a big chewer. Dex even chewed directly on the rope of the Jaxx Brights toy, and yet it held up just fine. The construction and weight distribution on the Jaxx makes it great as a fetch toy too, and Dex can confirm, it’s a ton of fun.

Tug Toy and Jaxx Brights Tug with Ring Dog Toys

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Yes! Both toys continue to provide hours of fun for Dex as well as us. The quality build ensures that they will do so for a very long time.

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