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Editor's Review

The Top Entry Litter Box is a tall, rounded box with an entrance on top, as the name suggests. The idea is to help isolate the smell of waste inside the box, prevent other non-cat animals from accessing the box, and minimize litter tracking. These are all accomplished via the top lid. Your cat will have to climb up and into the box via the opening. Once they are finished doing their business, they’ll climb out and walk across the surface, which has holes molded in for the extra litter to fall back down from their paws, rather than continue to stick and track across your home.

TTPM cat Finn tried out the Iris Top Entry Litter Box. Well, he almost did… he started to climb up and in, but the box wobbled and spooked him. After that he never showed any more interest in going near it. Take it from us, be sure to put plenty of litter inside, otherwise it won’t be bottom-heavy enough to hold your cat’s weight. All of the features appear to work fine, but sadly we could not get Finn to use it after our blunder.

Top Entry Litter Box

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It is theoretically better than a standard cat box with all of the features, but we were sadly unable to truly test these features. We have no reason to believe that if a cat took to the product, that it would not deliver on its promises.

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