The Great Outdoors Plush Dog Toys Review

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Editor's Review

The Oh Deer! squeaker plush is shaped like a cartoonish deer head trophy, whereas the Catch of the Day, appropriately, resembles a fish. Both toys are made from a durable yet soft material on the outside and have crinkle paper and a squeaker within. Both toys are great for dogs of any size. The differences between the two are that the Oh Deer! has stuffing in the deer head portion, and the Catch of the Day boasts extra durable binding materials. As such, the Oh Deer! is not intended for super aggressive chewers, leave that job for the Catch of the Day. Generally, squeaker plush are subject to Goldilocks Syndrome; they need to be soft enough to have some give in order to press on the squeaker, but they also need to be durable and hold up to chewing. So how did they do?

TTPM Dogs Xena and Haley tried out the Oh Deer! and Catch of the Day respectively. Xena is a moderately strong chewer, meaning she would test the theoretical high end of chewing tolerance for the Oh Deer! We are pleased to say, it’s still going strong. We were concerned about the antlers, as they seemed like a breakage point, but no, they’re still affixed to the toy. It even held up with some brief tug of war between two pups. Haley is the more aggressive chewer of the two, so she got the Catch of the Day. Much like Xena, she enjoyed the noisemaking paper and squeaker a lot. With other toys, she has traditionally tried to get the squeaker out, but this toy has held up very well. We even used it to play tug of war with her, and it is no worse for wear!

The Great Outdoors Plush Dog Toys

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Both toys are fun to use for fetch or tug of war, and your dog will enjoy the noises made by their chewing.

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