Senses 2.0 Self Groomer Review

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Editor's Review

The 2.0 Self Groomer requires a little bit of assembly, but it’s painless. The two main components are the inner molded plastic base, and the outer, rubberized, toothy surface. Interlock the two, place an adhesive strip on the back, and affix the Self Groomer at a location of your choosing. Due to its shape, a corner is highly recommended. It helps to be strategic with your placement and select a high cat-traffic area, or along a route frequented by your feline. The 2.0 Self Groomer comes with a bit of catnip to place in-between the two layers of the product and entice your cat over to try the bristles. To clean the Self Groomer, just remove the rubber bristle pad and wash. Be thorough, as hair sticks to the rubber surface very strongly.

TTPM Cats Lola, Harley, and Pickles tried out the 2.0 Self Groomer. Pickles was initially aloof to the Self Groomer, but we tried changing locations to somewhere she walks by frequently. After that, she loved it! We did notice that she mainly only scratched her face and neck, so we didn’t toss out our brushes just yet. In Harley and Lola’s house, there is trim on all the corners, so it was a bit more difficult to get the adhesive strip to stick. Once we found a good spot and utilized the catnip, Harley was a big fan. He’s a sucker for catnip. Lola liked it for a bit, but lost interest soon after she couldn’t locate the catnip.

Senses 2.0 Self Groomer

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It’s a nice and convenient option to have around the house so your cat can have fun scratching themselves. We don’t recommend the 2.0 Self Groomer as a total substitute to hand-brushing, but rather, a supplement to it.

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