Ruff Dawg Dawg-X XL and Small Review

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Editor's Review

In keeping with the Ruff Dawg tradition, the extremely resilient rubbery material returns for the Dawg-X. It is very durable, yet is gentle on your dog’s gums and teeth. The Dawg-X comes in two different sizes, the standard 3 inch and the XL 4 inch version. The rounded triangle shape brings a more ergonomic design for dogs to get a good grip, and it introduces an even more chaotic bouncing pattern than the Ruff Dawg Ball or Cube. The Dawg-X can also float on water. 


TTPM Dog Lexi tried out the Dawg-X. Much like the other Ruff Dawg products we’ve reviewed on the channel, Lexi was a big fan. The erratic bouncing and rolling kept Lexi interested and engaged. As always, we appreciate the super durable material used in Ruff Dawg’s toys to prevent serious damage, even from a formidable chewer like Lexi. We tried to get our dog Piper to get jazzed about the Dawg-X, but she wasn’t too interested this time, possibly due to the weight of the toy. After some play, the Dawg- X attracted a fair bit of hair, but it’s easy enough to clean off with just a bit of rinsing under water.

Ruff Dawg-x

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Should I get it?

Given that this toy has such longevity, it only makes sense to pick one up. doubly so if your dog is a big chewer and into fetch.


  • It’s practically impervious to damage
  • It has a good bounce,
  • The shape is great for dogs to grip
  • It floats on water.
  • It’s easy to clean off. 


  • One con is that the triangle’s bounces can be quite unpredictable, so take caution using it indoors.
  • Some smaller dogs may find the weight to be a bit much.

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