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Editor's Review

Omega Paw’s Roll n’ Clean Litter Box has an internal sifting system that automatically separates cat waste from clean clumping litter. All you have to do to make this function work is rotate the box along the rounded side until it is upside down. The litter inside will pass through the patented grate, allowing the good litter to pass through and the bad stuff to get caught. Before rolling it back to its upright position, it may be helpful to give it a small back and fourth, to make sure you sift all the litter. Once you do place it back upright, you’ll have all the waste caught in the convenient pull-out tray for quick and easy disposal. Once again, this feature will only work with clumping cat litter.

We tried this box with TTPM cat Finn. Finn is a large cat, so we were concerned he wouldn’t fit through the opening. Not so! The opening accommodates Finn, and he had an easy time using the box. The self cleaning function works great, and we experienced no litter spillage. Just make sure all the clips are fastened properly when assembling out of the box. We recommend cleaning every day, as the tray cannot accommodate multiple days worth of waste. With how easy it is, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Roll ‘n Clean Litter Box

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Having a more hands off approach to cleaning the litter box is useful indeed!

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