Puff & Play Refillable Treat Dispensing Dog Toy Review

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Editor's Review

The Yeti Puff and Play is a mechanically simple toy, consisting of two main parts, the Yeti Chew Toy portion, and the treat portion. The chew toy is made of a semi durable material meant for light to moderate chewers. Place a treat inside the cavity, microwave the entire thing for 60 seconds, let it cool down, and then give it to your dog. They’ll have to work to get the now expanded treat out of the middle of the toy.

TTPM Dogs Piper, Lexi, and Jingles tried out the Yeti Chew Toy. We had a few challenges with this toy. While microwaving one of our copies, it sparked and produced smoke, but ultimately turned out ok. It did leave a smell in the house for a while, however. Piper was not interested, which is strange because she normally loves her treats. Lexi was much more interested, but the chewing made it sound like she was munching on styrofoam, which took some getting used to. She liked to chew on the toy even after the treat was gone. Jingles was a much bigger fan overall. She enjoyed the challenge of getting the treat out one piece at a time. The treat didn’t expand evenly, however, so we eventually had to remove that part ourselves.

Puff & Play Refillable Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

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Should I get it?

It’s tough to wholly recommend this product, given our challenges. If you have a food-motivated dog who is a light to moderate chewer, we think it is worth a try.


  • It’s a novel idea.
  • You get multiple microwavable treats in a pack.
  • There are separately sold refills available.
  • It’s a nice chew toy for light to moderate chewers.


  • The toy is less well suited to heavy chewers.
  • The treats are sometimes wild cards, at least in our experience. One crackled and smoked, another didn’t evenly expand.

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