Potaroma Level 2 Dog Puzzle Review

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Editor's Review

The Potaroma dog Puzzle, true to its name, is puzzling at first glance. Made of sturdy yellow, orange, and teal plastics, it has a lower perimeter with small trap doors and sliding panels that conceal small chambers. In the middle is a central hopper covered by a clear removable top. If there is kibble inside the hopper, then pressing down on the top will dispense food into the lower trap doors. These two levels of problem solving slow your dog’s eating, and gives them something engaging to do during mealtime. There are also anti-skid pads along the bottom which help keep it sturdy in one place.


TTPM dog Dex got to try out the Potaroma Dog Puzzle. Dex is a smarty who usually figures out puzzles quickly, and while he did sleuth out the lower tier just fine, the push top gave him some trouble. This was nice though, it kept him engaged. With a little extra help, he eventually got the hang of it. We really like how much this puzzle keeps his interest and attention. Does your dog enjoy puzzle toys, or do they enjoy the simpler pleasures like a stick? Tell us with a comment down below.

Potaroma Dog Puzzle 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

Our dog Dex loved this toy! It keeps him busy and entertained since he not only loves messing with the toy, but is aloso very food motivated. We highly recommend giving it a try!


  •  It slows down your dog’s eating.
  • It offers a mentally stimulating activity.
  • It has multiple levels of difficulty.
  • It has anti-skid pads underneath the puzzle.
  • Eventually, it’s something that will entertain your dog while you are busy. 


  • None!

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