PetSafe, Julius K-9, and Alpine Outfitters Harnesses Review

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Editor's Review

Unlike your typical dog collar, a harness can steer your dog in the right direction while on a walk without hurting their neck or back.

The Easy Walk No-Pull Harness from PetSafe is simple, reasonably priced, and very effective for dogs that tend to pull on walks. It clips in the front in two spots, one above your dog’s legs, and one around the chest behind their front legs. The strap that goes around the chest is a different color than the rest of the harness to help you identify which strap belongs where. There are several sections you can adjust to make it looser or tighter until it fits just right. It’s available in sizes ranging from petite to extra large, and seven color combinations.

Take the guesswork out of ordering the right size of harness for your dog with the Alpine Outfitters Urban Trail Adjustable Harness, which allows you to input their specific measurements for an accessory that will fit true to size. It’s padded with Polartec fleece, which is lightweight, temperature neutral, water proof, and made from recycled plastic bottles. The fleece padding is on every part of the harness that touches your dog, including under the buckles and on the adjustment straps. You also have options for a number of product upgrades at additional costs, including extra D-rings; D-rings made from stainless steel to weather the elements; a grab handle attached to the girth to help you lift your dog; nylon packcloth covering the fleeced areas to prevent hair and debris from sticking; reflective bands to make the harness visible at night; and more. And for no additional cost, you can choose to have your phone number or your dog’s name embroidered onto the harness.

The IDC Powair Summer Harness by Julius K9 is a lightweight version of the Julius K9 Powerharness design that’s made from a well-ventilating mesh fabric to prevent your dog from overheating on a warm day. You can find it in seven colors and eight sizes ranging from triple extra small to double extra large. If you get it wet, the harness will dry quickly while a layer of foam that retains water will create a cooling effect. However this feature is only available for harnesses ranging in size from small to extra large. With the exception of harnesses in the triple XS or double XS size, each one also comes with a handle on top in case you need to quickly take control of your pup.

PetSafe, Julius K-9, and Alpine Outfitters Harnesses

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The Easy Walk No-Pull Harness doesn’t strap around your dog’s throat, which means no gagging or choking them when they pull against it. The patented Martingale loop and front chest leash attachment help gently steer them back in the right direction any time they try to go after a squirrel, interesting scent, person, another dog…basically anything that would capture an excitable dog’s attention. It worked great for handling a 60 lb. puppy that pulls hard in any direction she wants to go.

The Polartec fleece that pads the Urban Trail Harness is super soft, and one of the dogs seemed noticeably more comfortable in this harness than rougher ones we’ve used. The clips are covered with fabric to help you squeeze them when taking the harness on and off. Because you input your dog’s measurements when ordering, you’ll get a custom made harness that fits true to size.

The IDC Powair Harness is useful during the summer or if you live in a warm climate in order to keep your dog cool. And you don’t need to worry about getting it wet, making it ideal for a trip to the beach. We also appreciated the addition of the grab handle, which came in handy when crossing the road to grab onto the dogs and keep them close.

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