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These interactive pet monitors are perfect to prevent pets from getting bored or lonely when you’re not home. You can use them to play with, feed, and comfort your dog or cat remotely.

The Petcube Play is an indoor home pet camera that allows you to monitor your pets from a smartphone. It streams in in 1080p HD video and the wide-angle lens provides a large viewing area. The night vision enables you to see your pet when the lights are out, and the zoom function provides a closer look. Not only can you see and hear your pets, but the two-way audio allows you to talk to them as well. The app also offers social features, like the option of connecting with the Petcube community and interacting with other users and their Petcube cameras. You can also record video and take pictures to send to family and friends.

The Petcube Bites takes interactive monitors to the next level by allowing you to dispense treats for them. It offers many of the same viewing and listening features as the Petcube Play, including the 1080 p streaming via the Petcube app, wide angle lens, night vision, zoom, and two-way audio. It’s also Alexa compatible. The treat container can hold a variety of treats, and the dispenser tosses them out in all sorts of unpredictable directions that will send your dogs running after them.

The Kodak Video Monitor also allows you to view your pets’ activity from your smartphone by downloading the compatible iSecurity plus app. To set up the camera in your home, you can place it on a flat surface or mount it on a wall or ceiling with the included baseplate and screws. On the app, you can rotate the camera 350 degrees left and right as well as 105 degrees up and down, for an expansive view of the room your pets are in. It streams in 720 p HD video. There’s also a talk back feature allowing you to record and speak to your pets. You can customize the settings in the app to alert you each time something moves in front of the camera. Plus, activating the highlight reel feature compiles footage of your pet into a montage that can be shared with friends and family.

This Lovoom Interactive Pet Monitor is a virtual pet sitter that you can control using a smartphone app OR a remote control. It streams in 720p HD video with a 90 degree angle view and the option to pan up to 180 degrees, 4x digital zoom, and two-way audio allowing you to speak to your pet. This also includes a treat feature that tosses treats out at a distance between three to 10 feet that users can adjust. You can use the high-quality microphone to communicate to your pets or call them over, and the treat function to reward them when they respond.

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The Petcube cameras are easy to use and their sleek design doesn’t make them stand out too much in your home. They are ideal for keeping a watchful eye over your pet as well as keeping them active when you aren’t there.

The Lovoom is another option for feeding your pet remotely, plus it allows you to follow your pet as they move around the room thanks to the 180-degree rotation feature.

The Kodak Pet Monitor is a great choice for home security, with the ability to rotate up to 350-degrees and view more of your house. The highlight reel will make sure you don’t miss out on any of your pet’s memorable moments while you’re gone.

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