Outdoor Bungee Tug Dog Toy Review

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Editor's Review

Inside the box, you’ll get a flexible rope tug toy, and a bungee cord. Both items are made to be very durable, and long-lasting. Just attach the rope to the loose end of the bungee, then install the other end on a tree in one of three different ways: supported on a limb, supported on the trunk, or a combination of the two. Be sure to select a branch that is very strong, and has no danger of falling down under the pressure of a pulling pup. Once installed, the Bungee Tug Toy provides everything your dog needs for autonomous entertainment. They can pull on the rope end and play tug of war with the tree, or jump up and catch the rope in the air. Dogs can even play together and vie for control of the rope.

TTPM Dogs Scarlett, Lexi, and Hope gave the Bungee Tug Toy a go. Scarlett tried out the overhead branch configuration, and couldn’t get enough. Because of the elasticity of the bungee, no active human input was needed for her to have a good time, though some supervision is still recommended. Lexi and Hope opted for the horizontal trunk configuration, somewhat by necessity, we’ll touch on that in a moment. While they did enjoy the Tug Toy, they mostly had fun playing against each other, rather than the tree. Neither dog was super engaged unless the other was too. One thing to point out is that the overhead installation can be challenging, especially if you have a high branch. You need to throw it high enough to clear the branch, and fall back down far enough to catch again, which can take several, to infinite attempts, based on your individual ability. And as a reminder, select a strong branch! We can’t stress that enough.

Outdoor Bungee Tug Dog Toy

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If your dog takes to the toy, they can have a lot of fun! Curious pups who have lots of spare energy will be easily entertained by this toy.

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