Nina Ottosson MultiPuzzle & Activity Matz Garden Game Dog Treat Puzzles Review

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Editor's Review

The idea of both puzzles is the same: load up the chambers and crevasses with treats, then give it to your dog and watch them sleuth out the snacks. The MultiPuzzle is a fairly large, colorful, hard plastic toy puzzle with sliding panels on the perimeter, and smaller panels on a rotating lock in the middle. Your dog will need to slide the panels in sequence to find the treats. Nina Ottosson encourages you to start off playing together, and teaching your dog how the game works. The Activity Matz is made from a sturdy synthetic fabric, and replicates a cartoony patch of soil with veggies. There are several ways to hide treats with different levels of difficulty. Hide them in the cabbage, under the carrot, or in the folding panels around the turnip. You can customize the difficulty to your liking.

TTPM Dogs Dex and Jingles tried out these two products. Dex quickly mastered the cabbage, but tripped up on the carrot, and for the turnip he was totally lost. However, it kept him occupied for a long time, he didn’t want to give up! Don’t worry, eventually, we did help him out. Jingles had some initial difficulty with the MultiPuzzle, but she caught on soon enough. Jingles could smell the treats just fine through the closed panels, which kept her interested and engaged. Both puzzles accomplish what they set out to do, occupy and challenge your dog!

Nina Ottosson MultiPuzzle & Activity Matz Garden Game Dog Treat Puzzles

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Yes! Both puzzles engaged our dogs for a long time, despite their high difficulty ceiling. More veteran puzzle-solving dogs will take to these like fish in water. For total newbie hounds, start off with an easier Nina Ottosson MultiPuzzle before graduating to this one.

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