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Editor's Review

Starting at the easiest level is the Dog Smart. All you’ll need to do is place treats into the nine compartments and cover them with the peg. Then, it’s up to your dog to push the pegs out of the way using their nose or paw in order to find the treats. We think most food motivated dogs should figure this out pretty quickly.

We also have the Dog Brick, an intermediate-level toy with sliding blocks. Start off by hiding the treats in the compartments beneath the blocks. Your dog has to push the block to the side to get the food. Put their mind to work some more by adding treats inside the blocks, which means puppy has to flip open the lid. Finally, for the most complex play option, place the treats in the center of the brick and cover them with the white bone-shaped blocks. Dogs will need to remove the bone to not only get the treats hidden in the center, but along the sides as well.

Then there’s the Dog Twister, an advanced difficulty wheel-shaped toy where you place the food into the covered kibble compartment that your dog must slide aside to open. To up the difficulty level, you can lock the sliding panels into place by pushing the handles in. Your dog has to pull them back out in order to unlock.

Finally, the advanced-level Dog Casino. You fill the drawers along the sides with dry food and push them in. Your doggo needs to use their paws and mouth to pull the drawer handles out and get the food. Once they’ve mastered this skill, take it up a notch and lock each of the drawers into place by twisting their corresponding bone-shaped pegs. Dogs need to rotate the bones with their paw to unlock.

Nina Ottosson Dog Games

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Yes! Whether you use them for treats or regular feeding, these challenging toys will keep your pup engaged with mentally stimulating active play.

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