NERF Pro Stryfe X Review

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Editor's Review

The NERF Pro Stryfe X is instantly eye catching from the moment you open the box; it’s very compact! The paint is nothing too fancy, with an orange, gray, and white color palette, but the molded detail is where it truly shines. Squared off, boxy forms, hard industrial edges, and holes in the body make this a super unique and awesome look. It’s also very functional, with a tactical rail on top, a stock attachment point, and a flap on top for clearing jams. You’ll even find a handy safety near the lower trigger. 


Inside the box you get a rechargeable battery with a usb charging cable, safety goggles, 30 half length darts, and a 15 dart magazine. These half darts resemble the classic full size NERF dart, but with a screw tip design and obviously, half the length. After about a 4 hour charge, you’ll be ready to sow some chaos. The firing is semi-automatic and controlled with a two trigger mechanism, in conjunction with the battery. It fires very accurately, and feels great to aim thanks to the light weight and unencumbered sightlines. It also fires very fast and goes a long distance! Definitely wear your safety goggles with this one. Due to the motor, it can also get a bit loud, but it’s a small price to pay for such blasting excellence.

NERF Pro Stryfe X

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Should I get it?

We highly recommend this NERF blaster for NERF enthusiasts 14 years and older. The firing action, accuracy and hand-feel is something you need to see to believe.


  • The design excels in both form and function.
  • The magazine holds plenty of darts at a time.
  • The new half-dart design flies straight and true.
  • The battery is rechargeable.


  • The motor is a little noisy.

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