Snarkas Card Game Review

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Editor's Review

Snarkas is a game of matching and gem collecting with really shiny gem pieces that make the game a lot of fun. You can play the game with two to four players ages 8 and up, and the number of players you have determines how many cards each player gets. After shuffling and dealing, the dealer lays down four cards face up in what is called The Flop. Then players take turns playing cards from their hands. You can either add a card to The Flop or play a card that matches a card in The Flop. Each time you match a card, you get to take it from The Flop and add it to your challenge pile. If you make a play that clears all the cards from the table, you earn a Snarkas Gem, which is equal to 10 gems. There are special cards you can play called ZAP cards. If you play a ZAP card, you collect all the cards on the table. This does not earn you a Snarkas. 

Play continues until all cards have been played. Then another hand of cards is dealt to all players, and you play again until there are no cards left in the deck. Then it’s time to score. You earn gems for having the most collected cards and if you collected a set of four Aster or four Jolt cards. Add those gems to any gems shown on the cards you collected. The first player to earn 50 gems wins.

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We really like the strategy in this game. You’re not just making matches; you’re making matches to collect cards that will score you gems at the end. The game is pretty easy to learn and will be fun for the whole family to play. 


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