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Editor's Review

Wrong Answers Only is a Game for 4-8 players ages 14 and up. Inside you’ll get 100 double sided question cards, 8 answer boards, a score board, and 8 dark, yet easy to clean dry erase markers. One person acts as scorekeeper throughout the game. Each player gets a marker and answer board, then the player with the most unread emails draws a question card, reading it aloud. Everyone, including the reader, writes an answer on their board, then hands them face down to the reader. The reader shuffles the boards, then flips them over. The player to the reader’s left then tries to guess which wrong answer belongs to which player. If they match a guess and player correctly, that player is now out, and they can guess someone else. If wrong, the guesser is the next person to the left, until one player’s answer board remains. The surviving player gets 3 points, and each player who made a correct guess gets 1 point. Whoever has the most points by the time everyone has had a turn as reader wins! 


Wrong Answers only is a game mainly about goofing and having a good time, as you can tell. play is largely self-directed, aside from the easy to understand rules and question cards. However, if you have a competitor’s spirit, make sure to adjust your handwriting if it’s super distinct. Also, you can either lean into your sense of humor, or try to think outside the box and throw people off your trail. It’s a great game for friends, but it’s a nifty ice-breaker game too! Thanks to the 200 available questions, repeat games will never be the same.

Wrong Answers Only

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Wrong Answers Only is a ton of fun! It’s a great concept that makes it easy to make your own fun. The best part: games will always change based on the questions drawn and players participating. 100% pick this game up. Just be sure to disguise your handwriting!


  • There are tons of question prompt cards, offering high replay value.
  • The rules are super simple and easy to pick up.
  • The fun is self directed.
  • The dry erase markers are included and work very well.
  • It’s great for long time friends and new acquaintances alike! 


  • While play should be affected entirely by the content of someone’s answer, handwriting can tip people off if it is distinct enough.

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