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Editor's Review

You’ll have a tweet-tastic day playing with Gabbers. Available in three colors and characters, Gabbers are your new bird buddies. 

They’ll sit on your shoulder using the magnetic egg. Just put the toy in Perch Pal mode, and then press the music button or record button for bird music and sound effects. 

If you put the toy in Cuddle Pal mode, you can either cuddle with Gabbers or place it on a flat surface to play. In addition to the record and music buttons, Gabbers will also respond to being turned upside down or shaken. 

In either mode, the record feature works like this. Press the record button on Gabbers’ tummy, wait for Gabbers’ eyes to turn blue and the recording music to complete. Then, talk, sing, or make funny sounds, and Gabbers will repeat it in a little bird voice. Or Gabbers will translate your recording into bird tweets if you press the record button quickly two times.

Two AAA batteries are included.

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Should I get it?

Kids will think the talkback feature is funny, and the different sound effects and music help bring the character to life. In our testing, the toy didn’t always recognize when it was upside down or being shaken, and the toy will only repeat what you’ve recorded one time. Also, the magnet is a little big for a child’s smaller shoulders, so Gabbers might not stay in place very well in Perch Pal mode. But overall, this is a cute toy that can go on all sorts of imaginative adventures with kids.


2 modes of play
Funny talkback feature
Sounds & music bring character to life
Inspires imaginative play


Magnet doesn’t work well with small shoulders
Didn’t always respond when turned upside down or shaken

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