Hydro Paddle & Pickle Ball Review

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Editor's Review

Play Pickleball at the beach, pool, or lake with the Swimways Hydro Paddle & Pickle Ball. The set comes with two regulation-sized Pickleball paddles decorated with a hibiscus flower pattern. There’s also a rubber ball and a pickle ball to give you two options for playing. It’s easy to play – just hit one of the balls back and forth with a partner and try not to let the ball hit the ground. Whoever drops the ball loses a point. This set is 100-percent waterproof so that you can play in and out of the water. 

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The Hydro Paddle & Pickle Ball set will be fun for the whole family. This engages players in active, outdoor play, and it’s a lot of fun to play. Sure, some skill is required to hit the ball and keep it from falling to the ground, but mastering that is part of the fun. And with two different ball types, you can tailor the game to the age and skill level of the players.


Regulation-sized paddles
2 different balls
Encourages active outdoor play



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