LEGO Friends Heartlake Downtown Diner Review

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Editor's Review

This set is 346 pieces, so it will take you less than an hour to complete. Once it’s done, you’ll have the main diner and a booth, together with 3 minifigures (Aliya, Liann and Charli) plus their accessories. The bright contrasty colors and rounded architectural forms do a good job of conveying a believable yet extra 50’s era diner. The interior is compact but dense with detail, and adorned with plenty of studs on the ground to display your characters in whatever scene you want. Theres a countertop with sandwich ingredient storage, an arcade machine, and a jukebox that can hop back and fourth by rotating the dial. The Friends style minifigs have much more detailed sculpt work and naturalistic proportions, but in exchange, they lack stud connection points to fix them in place for poses such as sitting. A small price to pay! Their accessories include a skateboard, notebook, pen, cat, and coinage for the arcade. The booth is a nice addition to the set, and it can be placed anywhere (since it stands on its own) but another booth would have really filled the set out a bit more. For a smaller set though, there’s a good amount of play value for your buck.

lego friends heartlake diner

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Should I get it?

Yes! For a set on the more affordable side, there’s a good amount of value for your dollar. Minifigs, set pieces and features, this set has it all. Even better if you already have a Friends set to display it alongside!


  • It’s a set that’s dense with detail.
  • It comes with 3 Friends style minifigs, each with their own accessories.
  • The studs and floating booth increase the play options greatly.


  • The friends minifigs lack some of the ports found in standard minifigs, which we only mention because of the sitting booth.
  • Although you do get a lot of play value here, an additional set piece might have fleshed out the set a bit more.

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