NERF Super Soaker Better Than Balloons Review

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Editor's Review

Better Than Balloons are NERF’s attempt to reinvent the classic summer toy – the water balloon. They come in brightly colored packs of 36, 108, and 228. Filling regular balloons with water can be time consuming and potentially very wet if you slip up. And let’s face it, who usually ends up filling balloons? The parents, who’d like to stay dry. Better Than Balloons solves this issue by molding them in perforated sheets. Use the included nozzle attachment on your garden hose or compatible faucet and watch the balloons fill up! Heads up, if you don’t have a compatible faucet of this exact size, like in our reviewer’s apartment, you’ll have a far harder time making this work. Admittedly though, when the nozzle is screwed on properly, it’s very convenient. Tear them out along the perforated edge carefully so as to not create any leakage, and then you have a water pod, ready for action! A fully filled pod fits nicely in your hand, making it great for squeezing and popping. They also lay more flat than normal balloons, making them better for stomping! The consistent shape will also make it easier to throw, and will fly through the air in a more reliable arc. Throw it just right and it’ll make a big splash, despite the compact size! The improvements don’t end there. Unlike normal balloons which shrink back up into a tiny size after popping, the pods maintain their large shell and bright color, making them easy to find in the yard. No more balloon chew toys for the family dog. Even clean up is made easier.

NERF better than balloons

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Should I get it?

We highly recommend trying these out, especially if you have a big kids party coming up in the summertime. As long as you have a compatible faucet in or outside your house, you’ll be golden!


  • Prep is super duper easy with the included nozzle and a compatible faucet.
  • Their shape and size make them ideal for throwing, crushing and stomping.
  • Their consistency of size even after popping make clean up easier than with normal balloons.


  • You’re out of luck in a sense if you don’t have any compatible faucets or hoses. The flexibility of normal balloons wins in this regard.

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